I am a 50-year-old American born Russian-Polish (spiritual) Jew. I'm 150 lbs with a curvy 5' 4" frame and 38 DD luscious breasts. I have intense, soulful shining brown eyes; wild-multi-colored "African" style wrapped hair, and a beautiful, vibrant smile.
I'm told I exude a gracious, warm and compassionate persona and that I posses a great sense of humor. I'm also strong, direct and intense. I enjoy exploring and weaving together the highly spiritual and what I term "the hidden realms of darkness." 
I've been actively engaged in the arts all of my adult life - as a visual artist, poet and performer - and as an artists' representative. I love all things cultural and creative and I enjoy the intelligent exchange of ideas.
While technique is an essential foundation to any craft, a sense of childlike spontaneity and improvisation are, for me, the doorways into the richest kinds of experiences.

Over the years, as I explored my own sexuality, I realized how complex, varied and exciting that journey could be. Yes, as that journey unfolded, I had to confront deep fears and internalized prejudices, but as I traveled that exciting inner landscape, I discovered ultimately how much pleasure, learning and growth can occur by simply allowing and exploring, rather than judging. And, as I continued on my spiritual path, I discovered that I possess what people have called a "profound healing touch."  

What originated as a private and personal quest became a career. Over time I have developed a unique offering that combines physical and emotional healing, spirituality, sensuality and sexuality. Perhaps it's difficult for some to imagine how BDSM can be "healing" or "spiritual" - but nevertheless, I endeavor to find out where these seemingly disparate realms intersect.

As I continue to grow and explore - and have lots of fun in the process - I now share my years of experience and gifts with select clients. 
I believe that both bodywork/healing and domination are art forms. With this in mind, I invite you to co-create with me.